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Aug. 20th, 2010

Sideways Red

“What? You're naked!”

Friday, August 20th 2010 at 11:48pm

[11:32am] Me: Hey you. I've made progress this morning. :-)

Paladin: Hey beautiful. On the book or the mod?

Me: I guess I only wrote half a page, but I got a lot of things figured out, and I think it was a damn good half page. And I got a lot of work done on the map.

Paladin: Ah, excellent!

Me: Nah, I've decided I'm only going to mod when you're around to help me until I know what I'm doing. It's too frustrating to try and puzzle out alone. Oh, and I met your sister. Your mother called me on skype. I answered. Your sister was there. She and I talked, a lot. She's committed herself to working on her book four hours a day. It's a good amount of time. We're going to exchange critiques.

Paladin: Ah.

Me: Her book, so she explained, is about a peasant girl from a nation that used to be one nation but has split apart and is warring with itself. The girl has magic but isn't allowed to use it because of her class as a peasant and because she's a girl. So she pretends to be a boy in order to use it. The whole thing she told me sounded really sterotypical, but that often is the case when you try to outline a story without giving anything away.

Paladin: I take it that you two got along. ^^;;

Me: Yeah. Lots of smiles and stuff. Your mom insisted that I show her the dishes and the shelving unity thingy. So I did.

Paladin: lol

Me: Your mom interrogated me, and I didn't have anything prepared to say, so her questions resulted in me complaining about you having an ear infection for so long... >.>

Paladin: Glad you got to meet my sister.

Me: Indeed. She's much, much more interesting than your other sister.

Paladin: Ah, well that's one way to answer.

Me: Yeah, it was a safe and easy ramble, although perhaps a bit at your expense.

Paladin: 'Your son doesn't take care of himself' is probably something that doesn't surprise her.

Me: It resulted in more questions like; "Why is his immune system so low?" And "Why isn't he still on antibiotics, then?" and stuff... And then I had to explain about the failed hard-drive by way of excuse for you being stressed out..........................

Paladin: Yeah, White Wolf is quite interesting, and in a pleasant way that is only really tiring when you're tired of listening.

Me: I'm afraid I might have done most of the talking. I need to learn how to shut-up more.

Paladin: GOOD! Give her a piece of her own medicine.

Me: Lol, She seemed like a good listener to me.

Paladin: She is.

Me: She did ramble about her book for a time, but I didn't mind. I know how that is, so I can respect that. It feels good to ramble about one's project.

Paladin: That's true. Projects are worth talking about.

[11:43pm] Me: And I hate when people won't let me ramble about mine, so I'm really good about listening to other people when they ramble about their creative efforts. I suppose I'm biased that way. I don't listen nearly so patiently when people ramble about their other efforts.

(Paladin: Ah.) Me: Unless their project is truly interesting to me. Although, projects in general just are not very interesting when someone tries to explain a short summary without being able to show anything hands-on. Any 'project' is a 'project' because it's too large to sum up so easily. And it's the whole that makes it interesting. I mean, would you be interested in hearing about someone describe all the video game icons they had been making all month? Nope. You might not even be interesting in looking at them all. But playing the game could be great. Anyway, I'm rambling at the fingertips.

Friday, August 20th 2010 at 6:24pm


I'm laying on the bed reading my book. Paladin comes home. I put my bookmark in. He tells me he's dirty and not to touch him. He needs to shower. He asks if we're going to work on modding when he gets out. I tell him I have a headache. He says we'll do something else then. I say that I don't know what I'm going to do, because I should stop reading because it's worsening the headache.

He says I should make him dinner in that case, and that it should be done before he gets out of the shower. If it isn't, then spankings and perhaps ass-fucking will ensue. I groan and hang my head over the edge of the bed. He pokes his head back in the room and says; “Hard at work, aren't we?” He vanishes.

I move a little, but make no headway towards getting off the bed. He pokes his head back in the room. “Either that, or we're going out to eat. You should be dressed and have my clothes put out if that's the case.”

I thought about it seriously. Getting fucked in the ass wasn't a bad option, but I didn't feel like it. Making dinner wasn't a bad option, since there was a ripe tomato and a partially-made salad already in the fridge. Going to dinner was a nice option.

Going to dinner... No work, no fuss. Rest my eyes. Have a good time. We could go and then grow closer together tonight. That would be nice. Can we afford it? He must think so.

Get up. Get undressed. Hm. I should wash. He's in the shower... I'll just join him.

“What? You're naked!”

“I am,” I say.

“Well, either you've decided we're going out and have gotten undressed but have not gotten redressed yet, or you've given up entirely and have decided to go with the ass-fuckin.”

I laughed. I got in the shower. He looked a bit confounded. I got out, dried off. Got dressed. He got out of the shower. “Where's my dinner, wench?”

“Your clothes are on the bed,” I reply.


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